• 97% of corporates suggested that NGOs should have their own active websites.
  • 95.29% of corporates responded that the social media presence of NGOs will be beneficial for both the Corporates as well as NGOs.
  • 96.2% of corporates agreed to the fact there is a need to eliminate the communication gap between corporates and NGOs.
  • 84.3% of corporates have given their consent on the fact that the social media presence of NGOs will give new ideas to the corporates for CSR activities.
  • 73% of the corporates said that there is a need to fund the operational cost in addition with functional cost for the activities.
  • 97% of corporates want to have knowledge of funding source of NGO and also around 98% go for the background verification of the NGOs before funding them.
  • 84% of the corporates want the NGOs to come on the social media platform which will automatically help them to showcase their working system’s transparency and trustworthiness.