Baseline Survey/ Need Assessment Studies

SUN aims to proffer sustainable CSR Project to companies. As a part of which, we regularly conduct Need Assessment studies for various CSR projects of companies. This not only helps to provide impactful sustainable projects but also helps the company to identify the real need on the ground.

Developing CSR Strategy & Vision

SUN has a dedicated team of professionals that help the client in developing their CSR strategy in a very well defined manner. The CSR strategy is created after undergoing a deep research keeping in mind the vision, mission and core objectives of the client.

Implementation and Partnerships

SUN has a wide network of NGO’s and specialized agencies all across the country. This not only produces qualitative CSR projects but also makes us experts in the joint implementation of the CSR activities.

CSR Impact Assessment/ Concurrent Monitoring & CSR Evaluation

SUN undertakes and monitors the ongoing CSR projects on behalf of companies and also evaluates them for better outputs. We also conduct 3rd party impact assessment to measure the actual impact of the clients initiatives on the targeted communities.

CSR Reporting & Communications

SUN helps the companies in their CSR reporting and Communication to help them in reaching out to the relevant stakeholders through our Annual reports, CSR reports, Website reporting, Sustainability reports and Newsletters.

CSR Training

SUN provides various sustainability training programs in CSR along with long-term support that enable organization's senior and middle management to help the company in implementing its policies, accurately delivering the road-map and effectively using of sustainability management tools.