About Us


SUN is a framework to study the adoption of digital marketing strategies (DMS) by NGOs. The framework is established based on extensive working knowledge gained through research on national adoptions of DMS by established NGOs. It provides a ready to use model of what works best for them when it comes to using a digital marketing platform. This will provide an industry benchmark for them to follow while adopting DMS to meet various business objectives at all functional levels.


This research is aimed to identify how social media can play a vital role in identifying the right NGOs for the right work. Hence, it is going to assist NGOs who all are aiming to have a better society by empowering people at large by enhancing their visibility and transparency in operations through their digital presence.

Nowadays, the challenge is to utilize the excessively available fund in a way that it reaches the maximum number of people deprived of basic necessities of life and can be used to uplift their condition. Therefore, this research will also help the Corporates for finding better NGOs so that they will conduct their CSR activities more efficiently.


As per the Companies Act. Section 135, it clearly mandates the organizations to spend at least 2% of their average net profit on corporate social responsibilities. For carrying out various CSR activities, many enterprises need to tie up with NGOs as well so that they can reach the people who are living in areas where it is not that easy for enterprises to reach.

Hence, we are conducting this research to facilitate the Corporates to find right NGOs for their CSR activities more effectively and to know how much the social media plays a role in improving the communications between them. This would be helpful for understanding and strengthening the relationship between the Corporates and the NGOs.


This research would give NGOs the desired wing to fly faster and higher.

  • Fund raising
  • Trust building
  • Increase in Visibility
  • Transparency
  • Looking for Expansion
  • Awareness drive
  • Encouraging for volunteer
  • Team alignment